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With the changes in trends in marketing strategies, e-commerce marketing along with digital marketing are not mutually exclusive. The e commerce marketing portals make use of the digital channels for the promotion of their products and growth of their business. E-commerce is one community of marketers that uses the principles of the digital and inbound marketing for the conversion of visitors into customers. E-commerce marketing is known as online shopping and this has become more popular as a large number of people are using the internet for purchasing decisions.

In the past decade, e-commerce has emerged to become an integral part of the business in the modern world. As it is associated with buying and selling the products on an internet based platform. With the help of the information and communications technology, e-commerce marketing strategy is used in marketing for creating and adding the relationships among the organization and between an individual and an organization. In the present times, about half of the world gives priority in purchasing the items online as per their convenience, B2B, B2C, and B2G are the major examples of e-commerce marketing.

The Major Advantages Of E-Commerce Marketing Are As
Convenience and ease

This is one of the major advantage of e-commerce. This operates round the clock. So a user can use the e-commerce anywhere and at any time in the world.

Product datasheets

There is detailed information about the product along with the images and thus helps in creating a trust for the audience.

Search engine visibility

With a lot of e commerce websites available, increased search engine visibility will attract more customers for your website.

Decreased cost of inventory management

This is one of the key benefits for the administrators of the e-commerce portals that they can manage their inventory according to their users and avoid any chaotic situation.


The setting up cost is quite low as compared to the physical shop for business.

Some of the top statistics of 2021-2022 of e-commerce


As per the IRP, e-commerce

Benchmarks the average e-commerce conversion rates are 1-2%.


In the last year, the cost per

acquisition has increased by 4.92 % and is now standing at 11.68%


25% of US adults are more

Likely to make purchases via AR as per the GfK, FutureBuy Report of 2019.

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Creative Player is a team of outstanding intellectuals & expert designers on a mission to sweeten lives of people crafting every pixel with love & laughter. It is a designer’s paradise that breeds on the culture of humility while encouraging innovation. Creative Player has been an integral part of Kingenic's branding. I have been working with big agencies in India for my brand, but i cannot find better agency than creative player in India.

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I must say its a 1 stop solution for Graphic & Website Designing and they are very much professional and deliver projects in time.

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This is an excellent company! I personally enjoyed the energy and the professional support the whole team gave to us into creating branding.

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