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Animation has the power of injecting emotions and energy into the most inanimate object. The animation is very crucial as it allows us to tell stories, communicate emotions and ideas in a distinctive way so that all the people viewing the animation will able to understand it easily. It is an art that plays a crucial role in the world of business too, as this powerful digital media tool allows the businessmen to communicate with their audience effectively. There are various reasons that show the importance of animation for the business.

Some of these reasons are mentioned below
  • It is a great way to grab the attention of the prospects and helps in holding them on the platform because when the user comes on your website, then you can communicate your message before they decide to stay or go.
  • With the help of an animation, a business can tell a story quickly in a short duration of time.
  • With the help of an animation, a business can communicate with its customers in minimum time, which is the mantra in the present time in order to get online success.
Some Of The Key Points In The Animation Industry
Increased visitors

Most of the audience likes to watch an animation instead of reading. Therefore, it increases more visitors to your website.


You can communicate with your customers easily and quickly.


It helps in increasing the awareness of your website.

Cost-effective method

This method is very cost-effective which is used by most of the businesses.


It helps in making a good relationship between the customers and the business.

Web traffic

It helps in increasing web traffic.

Some of the top statistics of Animated GIFs And Logo Animation 2019-2020


More than 55% of businesses

More than 55% of businesses believe that showing their products via animation brings more value to their campaigns and they get a better conversion rate.


It helps in increasing

It helps in increasing company revenue by 49%.


When purchasing animations

When purchasing animations, most businesses see a 200% return on investment.

If you are looking for animation creation services, then we are here with our team of expert professionals who can help you in creating the perfect animation content for you. We will understand the requirements of your business and then share our own ideas and insights, which will help in making the right content for you. We strongly believe that animation looks best when a personalized touch is given to the script and thus, we take ownership of each content that we do.

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This is Kratika from Times of India team! I have hired Creative Player on a part-time contractual creatives, they do almost all our creatives and they are really good at their job. I am really happy on how they always try something new to keep the look and feel of creative very fresh. I would highly recommend you to Hire them!

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Founder / CEO

Creative Player is a team of outstanding intellectuals & expert designers on a mission to sweeten lives of people crafting every pixel with love & laughter. It is a designer’s paradise that breeds on the culture of humility while encouraging innovation. Creative Player has been an integral part of Kingenic's branding. I have been working with big agencies in India for my brand, but i cannot find better agency than creative player in India.

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Chaksu Monga

I must say its a 1 stop solution for Graphic & Website Designing and they are very much professional and deliver projects in time.

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This is an excellent company! I personally enjoyed the energy and the professional support the whole team gave to us into creating branding.

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